The Videogames And His Benefits To The Health

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1. Playing 30 minutes a day increases gray matter in the right hippocampus and cerebellum, areas responsible for stimulating memory, strategy and planning, according to a German study.

2. It was discovered that some video games achieve in one hour the same results as eye patches in many hours. By the bursts of action, the multiple perspectives and the small details, the eyes have to adapt to what they see quickly, making the eye muscles stronger.

3. Those who have played role-playing games, like RPGs, know that this is more than true. The speed with which decisions must be made during a game, directly and positively benefits real life.

4. Playing challenging games for the brain at least two hours a week can slow down brain aging, associated with the brain's natural age. A study from the University of Iowa that involved 681 people over 50 years of age revealed that playing 10 hours of a specialized video game helped reduce brain wear by an equivalent of up to 7 years in some cases.

5. Video games can also help children. A study published in Cell, investigated the effect of playing action games, and discovered that it helps dyslexic children ages 7 to 13 to read faster, without loss of accuracy. The results were equal to or better than traditional reading treatments, which may be slower and not as fun.

6. Initiatives such as the Nintendo Wii or the movement detector controls of other consoles have revolutionized the way of playing, so that in order to interact with some games, it is necessary to perform physical activity. Some titles, in fact, are intended only for exercise. And what's more, sports video games encourage the practice of the sport in question in real life.

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